Stop trying to maximize your profits and focus on maximizing your relationships.

If you only focus on the money, then you’ll only see your clients as money. If you focus on the relationship, then you’ll see your clients worthy of your absolute best service.


If content is king, then where is your domain? You are no longer just a brand — you're a media company.

Unfortunately we’re spending so much time on social media that many of us have fooled ourselves into believing that our profile page is our platform.

It’s time we address the importance of investing and it’s impact on income inequality.

It’s time we address the importance of investing and its impact on income inequality.

For decades blacks have had to carry a monolithic stigma of an inability to build economic wealth that can be passed down generationally because we are more concerned about spending than investing. This has to end.


Stop giving elevator pitches. Tell us your ‘elevated story’.

The elevator pitch is dead… When was the last time you found yourself in that emblematic elevator in the presence of a c-suite executive or venture capitalist primed to deliver your 2 minute elevator pitch that you’ve been practicing in your mirror for months. Never? That’s what I thought.