Your Elevated Story

Stop giving elevator pitches. Tell us your ‘elevated story’.


The elevator pitch is dead. Yeah I said it. When was the last time you found yourself in that emblematic elevator in the presence of a c-suite executive or venture capitalist primed to deliver your 2 minute elevator pitch that you’ve been practicing in your mirror for months. Never? That’s what I thought.

If you have, then you’re an anomaly — if you haven’t then you’re not an exception. The bottom line is the world has changed. Instead of saving up thousands of dollars or taking out a business loan to open up that storefront apparel shop, you can now purchase a domain name for ten dollars and set-up an eCommerce site overnight.

Social media has become the ultimate equalizer. You no longer have to spend money to get traffic, you can now engage via social media to direct traffic. It’s about connecting with people that share your vision and recognize your value. The call-to-action has been replaced with the call-to-share. You’re no longer just selling a product or service, but you’re sharing your story.

Great brands connect. They write about you and you become part of their narrative.

5 Keys to sharing your ‘Elevated Story’

  1. It’s About Connecting Your Brand
  2. It’s Not A Pitch, It’s A Conversation
  3. You’re Not Selling, You’re Sharing
  4. Take Your Time (Be Disruptive)
  5. It Should Become Your ‘Elevated Story’

One of our strategic partners, Plaid Park, an award winning branding agency has contributed a beautiful and creative PDF to help you share your ‘elevated story’.