Crowd Funding

What Is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is also referred to as crowd-investing, investment crowdfunding, or crowd equity. Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism that enables broad groups of investors to fund startup companies and small businesses in return for equity.

Below is a curated list of equity crowdfunding platforms for startups, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Angel ListAngelList is a U.S. website for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups. Created in 2010, the platform has a mission to democratize the investment process.
CrowdcubeCrowdcube is a British investment crowdfunding platform. Crowdcube provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to take control of raising funding from their own network of friends, family, customers and strangers.
FundableFundable is a crowdfunding platform that offers both rewards-based and equity-based campaigns for small businesses to start raising capital.
SeedrsSeedrs is an equity crowdfunding platform for discovering and investing in seed-stage startups. Seedrs is based in the United Kingdom but open to investors and entrepreneurs throughout Europe.
CircleUpCircleUp is an equity-based crowdfunding site based in San Francisco. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs thrive by giving them the capital and resources they need.
WeFunderWeFunder is the "Kickstarter for investing". Their aim is to revitalize capitalism and keep the American dream alive by building a new type of stock market ("a NASDAQ for riskier ventures") allowing them to fund tens of thousands more startups and small businesses.
EquityNetEquityNet connect small businesses and entrepreneurs to funding sources that will fuel their businesses. Their lending partners provide a wide variety of loan options with a billion to business commitment. The accredited investors in the EquityNet community review all types of opportunities, providing funding and insights.
SeedInvestSeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors with access to pre-vetted startup investment opportunities. SeedInvest goal is to open up access to venture capital and angel investing to everyone.